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When the next update released?

So uhhh... when I download the mobile version, it gets to about 65% and says the file is forbidden. Then it deletes itself.

I got banned from the discord but I don't know why.

Deleted 19 days ago
Deleted 19 days ago

Came for the porn, stayed for the humor.

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Hey, MateDolce, how is it going? Have you given up? You said that you would make your no. 1 priority to update this game every 2 months, even if there are missing scenes! It is okay that you have stuff to solve in your life, however, a little disclaimer would be nice.


so uh when is the next update? just a rough estimation would be nice


love the humor in this game, great job devs

im not sure if its just me or what but after i get home one day and give the monay to rea and have that dream thing the game just dose not continue, is it the end of the game?

Yes, that's where the current version ends.


Clever and funny, the art and characters are appealing. Just ignore these salty folk yammering about politics, they're just too close-minded to get satire.

I cant get the apk to work

Really nice game, really looking forward for the next update =)

Game dead?


No, theyr working on it, they just have some delays, look ou theyr discord


Where is the club and library? I was exploring and I click everywhere and I can't find it

I don't think it's added to the game


I legit cant tell what's satire or not


Update plssss i wait 3 month


I really really like the art style of that's game and also the story but you shouldn't talk like that's about communism.... I am joking it's your game do what's you want it was funny and I am happy and hope you are happy too oh and I don't know who I prefer between Emily or Lena they both so damn CUTE.


I'd prefer they not bring up politics at all in porn games. That's really not what anyone is looking for.


Depending on how far you look into things, a lot of games that don't try to be political are very political. Skyrim has huge themes of racism, social class, crime, freedom/government. Anyway, none of that really matters. You're entitled to your opinion just much as the creator is to theirs.


Do you prefer they don't bring up politics or do you prefer they don't make jokes that oppose your viewpoint? 

I think you already know the answer to that lol.


Thing is, it's actually funny, because she isn't actually spouting communism, she's got some mishmash of a cartoon version of communism, mixed with fascism, anti-statism, and conspiracy theories.  It's actually amazing that she's capable of avoiding the cognitive dissonance of that many contradictory beliefs.

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Well it's not like the girl in the game actually understands what communism is, LOL (Collective or public ownership of the means of production and the end of class structure and the state).

The purple haired girl is also cute


Next update when?


A quick question about v.0.3

Does the game end at the flashback or am i doing something wrong?


Update: it's been two weeks since I realized it's been two months. Any idea when the next update will release?

What's the difference between this and the Chapter 2.0


Loved the game man keep it up. I see people complaining about you making fun of some political things, but I say keep it up man. I haven't laughed this much from playing a game in a while. I say go even harder with the jokes, anything can be funny without taking it so serious like can people not understand what a parody game is sheesh.


The Information of the HUD is mixed with other characters.

I think that happend on purpose because the main characters drowning and HUD broken because of water

The other person who answered might be right but my theory is that there is something enigmatic about Laura, like she isn't just a normal person, and we're supposed to be unable to comprehend it at this point in the game


Geez, it's already been two months. Any idea when the next update is coming?


when i play the game all the characters keep saying fufu and im confused

I think that's supposed to be laughing.

It's a certain kind of laughter. It's mischievous and makes it seem like the girl is plotting something 


I want the v0.4

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Great game. The new update with the HUD and ability to move around after class is fun!
Noticed an issue though. After the Laura pretends to drown herself but you actually end up almost drowning event, the right side of Laura's HUD is swapped with Emily's, and the left side with Rea's.

Edit: Laura's hilarious XD


Fun game and story. It's just starting to come into its own. The scenes are pretty tame, but that's to be expected with the game in the state it's in. The animations are simple, but get the point across well. Only complaints are that it's not done and that there doesn't seem to be a way to track unlocks/progress. I'm also not sure about the "fu fu fu" that is used a lot here; for a native English speaker that doesn't watch much anime, it doesn't translate well.

It's a certain type of laughter. It's the kind that sounds mischievous and gives you the feeling that the girl is plotting something

Man, I love this game. Can't wait to see the rest of it, good work!

this game blew my mind with only whats in it now i can only imagine whats to come.

Really good games, thanks to the creator of Hero Harem Guild to share them ! I also really like the drawing style. 

Btw, i found a screen mistake, how i can report it ?

There is a channel for that on the discord, there's a link to it on this page

Someone report this bug since.
But thanks for the answer.

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Hi dev,i have some problem with the game 

It happen when the mc open HUD to see girl's information i don't know why but it brutally lagged when the HUD came up(almost freeze really) so i wonder if you can fix this plz, i really like this game... (i'm using mobile version)

Same dude


I liked this game since it first released, it got both humor and amusing graphic.

But there's one thing that's been annoying me, there's no warning or notification when the chapter is at the ending. It just jumps back to the main meny, meaning that you HAVE to play the chapter at least one more time to get a save at the end of it.

this game is very fun to play!  good 18+ adult game! ♥️♥️♥️


So I'll say it because apparently it's a big deal. I thought it was all a joke to be honest because it's so extreme that you have to be extremely far right or left to take it seriously. Like to be fair once you get out of the beginning the game itself doesn't seem to take itself super serious(until the end of this update holy shit that's came outta no where) so that's my stance.

It was an unrealistic scenario so it had unrealistic extremes for humor, so I found it funny. I get that isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it's mine. I didn't  think anything of the author's political stance because I've written some fanfiction with things I didn't 100% agree with so I don't attribute everything there with myself. 

But at the end of the day I'm just some dude. 

A dude who just likes the way the humor as  is.


This is pretty much it, the people arguing about a meme porn game are far out there, on either side.


This game is awesome!! I love the style and the writing is really fun, but also sad at times. The backstory about the bakery really got me emotionally involved, and I was kinda shocked it ended in such a serious tone. I definitely can't wait for the next update.
I also love the political humour, I hope it stays besides the fact that many people seem to dislike it.


Eh, I don't really care about the political humor (in fact, hadn't even noticed them - however unbelievable that may seem) but so many people are complaining that it might be best to get rid of it. Anyways, yeah - pretty good game. I both hate and love how the game kind of made fun of its self with the "v0.0000013b" joke.

The android/ mobile update isn’t downloading on my tablet. I still have the previous version on it so I know it shouldn’t be an issue with the device itself. Any advice on what might be wrong? I’d really love to play this game some more.

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